LED Light Bar DC2 Series 22"

LED Bar Light 22" DC2 Series Combo Beam 10-30V 40 x 3W Osram High Lux LEDs 120W 10800lm IP67 Slide & End Mounts Roadvision Black Label
The Roadvision DC2 Series are the next generation in dual row LED light bars. Producing up to a massive 25920lm of light output, the DC2 Series deliver brute
power and intense light output with a perfect match of advanced optical design and 3W Osram Hi-Lux LEDs. Featuring the latest soft start, PWM dimming and
advanced thermal management technology from Roadvision, the DC2 Series is available in combination beam patterns from 8” to 50” providing a perfect mix of
forward penetration and roadside illumination. Supplied with both low profile adjustable slide mounts and Roadvision’s new 9 position adjustable anti-vibration
mounting system, the DC2 Series also features a new ultra slim 65mm deep housing providing greater mounting flexibility. The DC2 Series by Roadvision, brute
power from the biggest bars in our line-up.