MANTA DT 1500 3in Twin Full Exhaust, Extractors, Cats 5in Chrome Tips


You don’t go a day without seeing a RAM 1500 on the road here in Australia, they are fast becoming a popular option for touring and towing. Our exhausts for the DS Ram – released in Australia in 2018 – have been a huge success, which we are looking to build on!

Our exhaust suits all variants, including the factory-backed ASV RHD conversions, and the SCD conversion which retains the original steering column position. We’ve also confirmed fitment on the new supercharged behemoth that is the TRX!

The Manta Exhaust for the DT RAM 1500 features the following:


 Featuring a set of 1 3/4in primary 4-into-1  headers, with 3in outlets (available with ceramic coating)
 Full twin 3in system with H-pipe, and hotdog + muffler centre
 Tailpipes with 5in chrome tips (available with black tips also)
 4 – 5 hour fitting time (for the full system)
 45 minutes fitting time (for the catback)
 Awesome V8 sound – check out the videos!